loveliness in video format

ADAM & THE AMETHYSTS – Dreaming (NSFWish) from kelprecords on Vimeo.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

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Pendleton / Vans Shoe Love

I am not sure that these would be practical for me, but I am loving the wool & leather combo.

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I love football?

Friday Night Lights is nothing new. After 5 seasons it’s only new to me & I cannot tear my eyes away. I have watched 17 – 40 minute episodes in 3 days (3 “school days” I might add)  obsessively. I think I have a thing or two to learn about delayed gratification .  .  . but not tonight.

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Old Timey Tattoos

As mentioned in my previous post – I have a thing for tattoos & that ‘thing’ is growing. I purchased my first tattoo magazine the other night:  Tattoo Life and discovered Spider Murphy’s Tattoo Shoppe…ink love at first sight.

I had decided that tattoo number 3 was going to be just black ink, but these beauties have inspired me to add a bit of colour!

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I think that I have decided on my next tattoo. It will be my third & likely not my last. I got my first tattoo at 18 & my second at 21 & although I have has a bit of a hiatus since the last one I kinda feel like I might just be getting started. Before I share my tattoos (old & soon to be new) here is some ink that has me inspired.


Weekend in Whistler

My second trip to Whistler; neither of which involved any snow sport activities. Just a relaxing weekend with friends (three couples + one toddler + three pups), yummy food including two lasagnas (one traditional & one mexican style), & some good old Settlers of Catan.
Mr. W & I discovered Scandinave Spa on Saturday afternoon. Four wonderful hours in the sauna, eucalyptus steam bath, warm & cool baths – ending the day with a Swedish massage.
Oh how I love a good sauna! (a requirement for a true Finnish girl) & this was the real deal – a wood burning one – beautifully built with lot’s of windows to let in natural light.
Oh! Another two weekend discoveries:
1. Barbara’s Cheese Puffs = love!
2. Hipstamatic – which enables me to take photos like this:
with my iPhone! I am definitely not the the only one to find & love Hipstamatic – I came home today and found this post at Bodie and Fou.
Ok Monday…here I come.
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