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opposite of buyers remorse?

I spent an hour & a half at Value Village tonight and left with nothing. nothing.

At one point I had The Daily Show’s, Earth: The Book in my hand as well as Madeleine L’Engle’s, An Acceptable Time, but eventually decided to leave them both behind. What I think I might regret not buying the most though, is this pair of shoes:

Where would I wear them? With Jeans? They were not the most comfortable…

Did the $34.99 price tag really hold me back? I wish I would have bought them.


25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Invest in your style education:

Choosing a colour for my future Kanken

I have always been a bag lady. Years ago – going to & from school; curretnly – going to &  from work, I almost always have multiple bags hanging off my appendages.

These days the lopsided, heavy, awkward baggage is just not working for me.

So back to a backpack it is for me.

I am leaning towards the red one for a nice splash of colour.

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Pendleton / Vans Shoe Love

I am not sure that these would be practical for me, but I am loving the wool & leather combo.

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Old Timey Tattoos

As mentioned in my previous post – I have a thing for tattoos & that ‘thing’ is growing. I purchased my first tattoo magazine the other night:  Tattoo Life and discovered Spider Murphy’s Tattoo Shoppe…ink love at first sight.

I had decided that tattoo number 3 was going to be just black ink, but these beauties have inspired me to add a bit of colour!

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I think that I have decided on my next tattoo. It will be my third & likely not my last. I got my first tattoo at 18 & my second at 21 & although I have has a bit of a hiatus since the last one I kinda feel like I might just be getting started. Before I share my tattoos (old & soon to be new) here is some ink that has me inspired.