opposite of buyers remorse?

I spent an hour & a half at Value Village tonight and left with nothing. nothing.

At one point I had The Daily Show’s, Earth: The Book in my hand as well as Madeleine L’Engle’s, An Acceptable Time, but eventually decided to leave them both behind. What I think I might regret not buying the most though, is this pair of shoes:

Where would I wear them? With Jeans? They were not the most comfortable…

Did the $34.99 price tag really hold me back? I wish I would have bought them.


forgotten video

Over the past 5 years or so, every so often, my mind has drifted towards a video that I watched a few times on Much Music in the mid 90’s. I had never paid attention to the name of the song, or the band, but I remember the visuals and message having an impact on me. It was claymation (not Tool) & involved a healer, and a gift – a pair of scissors.

Thanks to my googling persistence, the mystery has been solved:

The Gandharvas – The Masochistic Minstrel

I Love Beer

Some of the techniques in this video made me seriously cringe. I am going to work on the forearm method.

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Invest in your style education:

Choosing a colour for my future Kanken

I have always been a bag lady. Years ago – going to & from school; curretnly – going to &  from work, I almost always have multiple bags hanging off my appendages.

These days the lopsided, heavy, awkward baggage is just not working for me.

So back to a backpack it is for me.

I am leaning towards the red one for a nice splash of colour.

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Breakdancing WOW.

A couple of things that went through my head while watching this video for the 2nd time (the first time there was only awe):

“I wonder how stretchy his jeans are?”,

“what’s with the door in the background” (not to mention the broken glass, pointed out by Black Eiffel),

but mostly just more “Wow!”.

Break ton Neck from Alex Yde on Vimeo.